Nov 24

Fuck you, Pay Me $ Niteflirt Money Mistress


Little under $2000.00 last week, but I did take most of the week to do things other than listen to you stupid, little fuckwits. Special people sent some gift cards that were well-received. I would post pictures right now, but I don’t feel like it and you’ll bring your stupid ass right back here tomorrow … so yeah. But anyways, we’ve got some important holiday stuff …

coming up. I’m not going to spoil the surprise right now, but it will definitely cement My status as The Best Money Mistress Bitch Online. I would tell you to stay-tuned, but we both know that wild horses couldn’t drag you away. Be generous this holiday season and say a silent prayer for those that I’ve bled dry and left out in the cold. Trying to get through the holidays when you can’t afford Me is just about as sad as it gets!

Love you fags!

I’ll be on Niteflirt and I know you’ll find Me. xx – Porsha Rajal

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