Nov 27

Financial Slavery Domme $ Losers Drained Here

Man behind the glass

I’ve been breaking your heart, making your wife cry, humiliating you, and manipulating your stupid ass all the way to the bank. But don’t worry, I’m still hungry for MORE. My greed knows no bounds. But you already know this. And since I’ve been in quite the feeding frenzy lately, I want to show you …

more spoils of the slaughter.

1. I AM NITEFLIRT – As promised, my clips are sucking up all the top slots while costing 10 times the price of whatever these other busted welfare barbies are selling, while trying to pretend they’re something other than a digital shit stain. No wonder they can only beg you for $1.50 for a clip or some stock photo they’re reselling. I bet if you guys talk to your accountants that you can totally take a charitable tax deduction for the money you give the welfare dommes. It is charity after all. Obviously I don’t care either way. All roads lead to Me and I get exactly what I want. If you’re a Porsha newbie, you can find My clips on Niteflirt. Duh!

2. The Black Friday shopping binge has continued in spectacular form. You guys already know about the serious damage I did with your gift cards here. But today I continued and spoiled Myself with a host of new fragrances and that $400 set of makeup brushes I’ve had My eye on. (I just couldn’t resist the Black Friday price!) So it’ll pretty much be raining down awesome gifts on Me all fucking week. And I haven’t even started spending some of the other gift cards I’ve received. I’ll be doing some damage at Sephora soon. I’m sure you can find out what’s for sale at Walmart from the other findoms online. In case you guys either want to further contribute to My extensive perfume collection or throw some gift cards towards the coming Sephora score, I’ve added both to My wishlist. You’re blessed that I’ve added some things for you to send. The wishlist situation has been pretty picked over for a while. I also added a pair of black boots that I’m pretty hot over.



3. I totally woke up to discover that you morons had done a lot of clicking and paying while I slept last night. Obviously, I love waking up to that! And the most hilarious thing I woke up to in My Niteflirt inbox was this:


Naturally he clicked and bought a bunch more clips and left Me more Niteflirt feedback. But I have yet to actually begin working on this loser that clearly needs to be pushed in the wrong right direction. And pushing you idiots into the next level of shame and debasement is what I was born to do.

You morons should note that I’m busy as fuck … just look at the number of Niteflirt mails awaiting My attention in My inbox!


310 fucking unread messages! That doesn’t even count the ones I’ve opened during all the pay rape fuckery I’ve done in the past week! The reason I bring this up here is this: There is one of Me. There are many of you. I am the only Woman that is capable of taking you where you need to go. My time is at a premium. Full wallets to the front of the line. As of this writing, I am not taking live calls tonight … no, not even for $9.99/minute. I am available for pay mail rape and if I feel like it, I might turn on My Niteflirt lines to take calls. You’ll have to wait and see … I know you idiots sit there staring at My Niteflirt listings like the jerkoff zombies you are. So good luck!

You guys can check out My new public account on Twitter, @PorshaDeSade. My personal Twitter continues @ForcedIntoxDiva.

I’ll see your wallets later. xx – Porsha Rajal


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