Dec 09

Financial Domination Tributes $ Niteflirt Domme


This Money Mistress is awash in tributes and gifts! And though I’m pretty tuckered out from holiday dinners, parties, and more party planning, I promised My little minions that I’d start flashing pictures of some of the tributes and goodies that have been arriving. Honestly, so much has shown up at My house this past week that I’ve almost lost track. And I filled up two giant recycling bins of boxes! But today, My trusty FedEx boy brought My new lovely …

winter boots.


Yep! You guys know that UGG Boots are a pretty standard part of the single, white girl outfit. And I’m not apologizing because they’re so so so comfy and they look fabulous with My leggings. (I’ve lost count of all the new leggings that have arrived!) I added these to My Amazon wishlist because I thought they were so adorable. Don’t get Me wrong, My giant fuzzy boots that Error sent last year are still My favs, but I needed some boots to go with My leggings that don’t scream “LOOK AT ME!” quite as much as the super fuzzy ones. They ran in the neighborhood of $200, which I think is pretty reasonable. Someone who shall remain nameless sent them, but he knows I adore him! So check ‘em out!



Pretty great for My winter look, no? I love them! And they’re so so so toasty and warm. And though My cozy Princess bed is calling Me, I do want to take a moment to give a shout out to some of My lovelies that have been leaving Me outstanding Domme Reviews on Niteflirt! You guys know I love My Niteflirt feedback wall. So much thanks to the little twits that have been tirelessly clicking and paying and writing outstanding feedback. Please take a moment to appreciate this fabulousness!





As always, you can find Me on Niteflirt. It’s where I change lives and break hearts! I’ll talk to you soon … you hope.

xx – Porsha Rajal

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