Dec 25

Findom Tributes $ Clothes, Bras, and Panties!

Heart of banknote denominations of 100 dollars. Background with money american hundred dollar bills.The best part of findom is loads of cash, gifts, and presents. And a successful Financial Dominatrix like Myself lives …

very well. You boys know I did some serious shopping this holiday season and at the top of the list was clothes, bras, panties, and pajamas. In fact, I actually purchased Myself a full fall and winter wardrobe, a full summer wardrobe, and bought all new panties and some new bras as well. (I obviously purchased this all with gift cards from you morons, which I greatly love and appreciate.)Cash-Princess-Money-Tributes-Diva-Domme-Princess-Luxury-Submission-01

Honestly, so much as arrived in terms of clothing that I’m still sorting out what needs to be returned. I’m super disappointed because I got the cutest panties in the world and I was going to show them to My pets, but some dudes have been creepers lately. And I actually had someone steal ALL of the panties out of My first shipment of clothes after FedEx dropped the box. So you’ll have to live with pictures of My new pajamas and My new bras. I threw out pretty much everything that was in My closets and replaced it all. I was going to make you a list of what exactly arrived, but so much showed up at My door that I couldn’t even keep My list straight. Let’s just say all of the drawers and closets are totally full again. So yay!Cash-Princess-Money-Tributes-Diva-Domme-Princess-Luxury-Submission-03

And yes, I agree that a t-shirt that says “DIVA” on it is pretty basic. But I thought it would be fun for pajama wear. So sue Me!Cash-Princess-Money-Tributes-Diva-Domme-Princess-Luxury-Submission-02

I’ll see you boys on Niteflirt. It’s where I toy with all of My victims. xx – Porsha Rajal


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