Dec 27

Findom Shopping Spree $ Cash Princess On Niteflirt

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Most of you that follow Me on Twitter know that something quite traumatic happened earlier this week. But, what does a Bad Bitch Cash Princess do when someone tries to threaten Her way of life with violence? I’ll tell you what I did … I got up and put on My makeup and found love with those that adore Me. I refuse to skip a beat on Niteflirt with My pets. And I’ve decided that I’m ready to purge, clean, and prosper. 2016 is going to be a big year for This Cash Princess and I’ve got to make room for the new. Plus, I like retail therapy and I needed to get My tax deduction shopping done before the end of the year. So I did some damage on …

Amazon. Enjoy the pictures! (And I also specifically want to know that this air purifier posted below is My second. Fuckface moonie sent one earlier in the week, but I haven’t had time to brag about it properly yet. I will say that it’s made such a difference for My allergies and the air quality in My Princess Pad that I decided to order a second one. I also still want a third for the other bedroom that I mainly use as a dressing room.) Enjoy! xx – Porsha Rajal

And naturally I love it that your findom is begging for $5 gift cards while I’m buying what I want so that I don’t have to pay (as many) taxes on the money I already took from you morons!











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    • Donald Trump's Comb Over on February 17, 2016 at 4:36 pm
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    fucking spoiled findom cunt
    please let me be urs

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