Jan 27

Findom Heaven $ A New Boyfriend


Most of you know I have many, many findom boyfriends. And I absolutely love you all. You are My wonderful, precious, little, adoring boyfriends. (And as of late, I’ve received quite a few new very promising applicants!) Of course, I love you all and I promise that …

I will work on acknowledging all of you, but I do want to tell you that today was especially lovely. I spent all afternoon talking to one of My new loves, Nathan. He is such a lovely piece of heaven … and we’ve been really talking quite a bit over the past few weeks. But I really had a wonderful afternoon listening to the soft rain outside from My cozy couch while I shared the most intimate conversation with My new beau. Nathan and I will definitely be headed into some very interesting territory in the near future, but at the moment, we are having an impossibly beautiful time getting to know one another on Niteflirt. I am enjoying the experience immensely.

I did have to cut our conversation short, because I had dinner with one of My best gays and then we made a trip to the grocery store. You boys know I’m fanatical about filling My fridge with Goddess food. So … it was really a perfect day in findom heaven.


And yes, I know, I know. I know My pets need to be fed. I promise you, I have literally dozens of new mp3s and Porsha Porn for you boys, as well as more updates from the fucking drama with Baby Beluga. (I’m sure I’ll find some time to put things together for you.) And yes, I know I have so much to write here because 2016 has already been quite impressive with many delicious, new suitors. I know you’ll stay-tuned! All My Love – Porsha Rajal xx

PS – It’s only Tuesday and here are My earnings for the week. J’adore!



    • Donald Trump's Comb Over on February 17, 2016 at 4:25 pm
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    i hate you and i love you
    i can’t stop
    i need you

    • simple pervert on February 22, 2016 at 1:56 am
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    I find myself growing more and more envious of these lucky bastards that get to frolic with a Goddess walking among mortals.

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