May 10

Poppers Forced Intox Clips Review $ Niteflirt


The love letters and reviews are already pouring in for My Poppers Forced Intox Russian Roulette Game: Verbal Abuse and Humiliation Edition. This one was My favorite, so I figured I’d feature it here. This hapless little poppers whore writes …


"Dear Porsha Rajal,

After downloading this recording, I downloaded it onto my MP3 player and went to bed to listen, sniff and wank. I came on the 4th round and then just passed out for several hours.

Even now (8 hours later) as I type my brain feels zombiefied, this was my first ever "Forced Poppers" recording to listen to. In conclusion it was both horny as fuck and scary as hell now I think back upon it.

Thank you.


Congrats Paul! You started out at the very best in poppers forced intox online. You’ll never be the same. xx – Porsha Rajal

PS – The welfare dommes cried to Niteflirt and said My cover image for this poppers forced intox mp3 was too frightening and violent. So I had to censor the main listing to appease the busted princess crowd on Niteflirt. (The content is all still the same.) And since I can post whatever I want here, you can enjoy My too-hot-for-Niteflirt image right fucking now:

Man With Bag Over Head Comitting Suicide

You can listen to Poppers Russian Roulette Forced Intox Game: Verbal Abuse & Humiliation Edition here!


    • alexa on May 16, 2016 at 3:54 am
    • Reply

    so great, i am a very addicted poppers fag slut, loving your sites very much, i hope i can also pay at paypal to you

    • simple pervert on November 20, 2016 at 12:40 am
    • Reply

    Those poor Niteflirt girls.
    Porsha can’t be good for their self-esteem.
    It would be like logging in daily knowing that your opponent is Goddess, herself.
    You’ll never win.
    Porsha takes all.

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