Jan 23

Forced Bi Cocksucker Training $ Be My Cumslut

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I know how you cock-hungry, little cumsluts dream of the day one of My boyfriends sprays ribbons of hot, sticky cum down your faggoty, little throats. Today is your lucky day because this mp3 features one of the hottest forced bi, cum eating instruction experiences that only Porsha could bring to life. The experience will be seared into your bitch brain with equal parts of sensuality and shame as Porsha’s bedroom voice lays out what it’s like to kneel before her and suck some grade-A, alpha cock only to have your little, soft cuck mouth flooded …

with a hot, heavy load. But hang on to your beta-boy cock, because This Bitch is going to have you really show off how much you love that spunk before letting you swallow that hot, white cum.

Format: mp3 (Audio Only)

Run Time: 8:05
Audience: Cum-Eating Instructions (CEI), Cocksucker Training, Cocksucking Lessons, Sissification, Bimbo Training, Cumslut Training, Cuckolding, Forced Bi, Erotic Humiliation, Verbal Abuse (Mild)

Listen: Forced Bi Cocksucker Training Starts HERE!

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