Feb 19

Booze Binge $1000 Forced Intox Drinking Score On Niteflirt


I had a lovely forced intox session on Niteflirt involving lots of alcohol and lots of cash that I forgot to brag about. By now most of you are aware that I was away for a bit. But those of you that know Me well, are aware that I can’t totally stay away from fucking you over with loads of booze while I dig in your wallet. And it is My formal policy that I will brag about any major scores. So this one I’m bringing to you in the fashion of better-late-than-never. Plus, I walked off with $1000 which is typical for Me, but definitely something the trailer park princesses you’re used to would be crowing about for a year.

To be honest, it’s still pretty fresh in My mind. This little fucker is a serious degenerate. He is certainly ready to do whatever is necessary to make it through an extended forced intox session with Me. You know that says A LOT. I think I’m going to call him "beans." I may or may not explain that name later. Suffice it to say this little prick is …

totally fucking desperate for a way to kick his hag wife to the curb. Trust Me when I tell you she’s worse than what most of you go home to hate at night. Her voice is Freddy Krueger on a chalkboard. And it’s kind of sad, cause she’s supposed to be a Dr. dynamo when it comes to human psychology and she couldn’t even tell that her hubby was piss-yourself-wasted and totally still on the phone with Me while she stood there incessantly nagging about something nobody cares about. Seriously, the sound of her voice makes your ears bleed. So yeah … she’s really a sad case and deserves zero intellectual respect or mercy. I’m sure there will be another chapter in this twisted, little story. So stay tuned!

In case you haven’t picked it up already, I created an easy, effective way for you to leave your wife. You can pick it up HERE. And by the results so far, this one is pretty explosive. So feel free to drop the bomb anytime you like!

As always, I will be available on Niteflirt for live calls, doing what I do better than anyone has ever done it. xx – Porsha Rajal


    • Anonymous on March 3, 2017 at 12:19 am
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    Porsha, I love the way your mind works. Pure evil! But why don’t you ever show us your face?

    1. Simple. Unlike the stupid whores you’re used to dealing with, I have something to lose. My terms. xx

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