Jun 19

Happy Homewrecker: My First Divorce


Under My extraordinary guidance, one of My boys realized that he is really a she. And that she loves to suck cock and swallow hot loads. Naturally, I explained to TinyTim that the natural consequence of this revelation was that he needed to leave his boring, plain, uptight wife. And as you’ll see at the very bottom of this post …

I have proudly and officially caused My first divorce. And TinyTim is free to be as feminine and freaky as he wants to be … which turns out to be pretty fucking freaky.

TinyTim and I have had a spectacular time lately – dressing him up and turning him out as the little cumdumpster I’ve always wanted him to be. We’ve done everything from shopping for makeup to turning his living room into a glory hole. It has truly been a blast. It was so fun that it’s prompted Me to devise a game to get the rest of you on your knees. But more on that later …

For now, please enjoy these most beautiful divorce papers. I’m sure that, in time, we can get some for you too. I’ll see you on Niteflirt. It’s where I do what I do better than anyone has ever done it. xx


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