Jul 27

New Homewrecking, Wife Humiliation mp3 $ I’m Telling His Wife The Truth

Homewrecking - How2Wreck600

Alright boys, it’s time for you to find out why I’m the baddest homewrecking Domme on Niteflirt

I’ve got a new Homewrecking mp3 and it’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for! The details:

Error’s wife has come looking for answers about how her happy home has been reduced shambles and how her husband and his wallet became the property of another Woman. So I’m telling the boring, fat cow the truth. She’s going to find out why Error hates her and has been seduced by My greed. I’m giving her the humiliating truth about her hairy upper lip and spineless existence before telling her that I’ll gut her like the pig she is if she tries to fuck this up. And here you can listen to the epic details of why I’m the baddest homewrecking Domme in the business and how I claimed what I wanted with a love affair fueled by booze, cocaine, and lust.

This is the most sought after story in My arsenal and it’s all here from A to Z; this is how I got to be up $50 grand and a future husband. Plus, I know all about how she was the sad, passed around blowjob queen at a college frat, how her best friend fucked his brains out, and I’ve got a collection of humiliating photos of her at her most vulnerable. It’s time for this ugly, boring, barren bitch to hear the truth: she eats and lives like a pig and her husband hates her guts.

Listen To I’m Telling His Wife The Truth | Homewrecking and Wife Humiliation HERE!

Run Time: 25:14

Format: mp3 (Audio Only)

Audience: Homewrecking, Wife Humiliation, Forced Intoxication – Alcohol, Forced Intoxication – Cocaine, Financial Domination

Scale (1-10): Sensual(1) – Sadistic(10): 8

Scale (1-10): Manipulative(1) – Authoritative(10): 5

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