Oct 15

Homewrecking Hypnosis $ Leave your Wife Hypno (Part 1) + your Wife Must Go


Listen To Homewrecking Hypnosis $ Leave your Wife Hypno (Part 1) HERE!

I am a homewrecker.

I have no respect for …


I have no respect for the bonds of marriage.

Those chains are made by weak, needy souls.

And so they should suffer and become lost forever under the weight of their cage.

To that end, I will exploit the weakness of your marriage and enjoy the fallout.

Your wife must go.

Now most of you know that I don’t do this sad, pathetic joke hypnosis that most of the coin-operated whores on Niteflirt peddle. None of this nonsense where they’re repeating stupid nuggets of idiocy that fell out when they rubbed their two remaining brain cells together against the backdrop of boring massage therapy music that tries to compensate for a lack of content. No … I use My very real and powerful message, condensed in a lethally hypnotic and irresistible form. For the duration of this recording, you will relax and become Mine. You will nod off into a peaceful and quiet space that allows Me maximum access for the fertile implantation of My truth and My power. You will listen to Me anytime you are relaxing or playing your little jerkoff games. And through My access to this powerful mental real estate, I will very deliberately change your mind and claim you for Myself. Listen over and over again. You will be irretrievably Mine.

Listen to Homewrecking Hypnosis HERE.

Audio Run Time: 14:50

Format: mp3 (Audio Only)

Audience: Homewrecking, Homewrecker Fantasy, Wife Humiliation, Erotic Hypnosis, Mindfucking, Brainwashing, Manipulation

Scale (1-10): Sensual(1) – Sadistic(10): 3

Scale (1-10): Manipulative(1) – Authoritative(10): 3

*For Entertainment Purposes Only*

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    • jacquetje on March 1, 2017 at 4:39 pm
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    I would always have said that a 15 mins session cannot be effective, but since i listen to Your loops i have to change my mind . Respect Mistress Porsha

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