Nov 11

Niteflirt Findom Goddess Tribute Roundup $ Cash Money, Gifts


It’s been a while since I’ve shared My recent Goddess tributes from My precious stable of boyfriends, cucks, losers, and paypigs. Considering I get more in a week than your former, dumb, coin-operated whore domme gets all year, cataloging My scores can be quite a task. (Speaking of what I get in a week, the above was last week’s Cash Princess take-home from Niteflirt.) But there’s so much more …

to share!



Fat ass stevie sent the above to pay for a hair appointment, which was greatly appreciated. You motherfuckers know I blow a ridiculous amount of money on salon services. So contributions to that effort are always well-received. He also filled up the Princess’ Royal Starbucks Account (twice!) because he likes buying coffee for Me (and sometimes My boyfriend too.)



He also sent Me some purple shampoo, which I require on a daily basis. (Seriously, if I could buy this stuff in a 55-gallon drum, I would.)


Stubby stevie also sent this book from My Amazon wishlist. I know the dummy dommes you used to pay never read any books, but that’s pretty much why I corner the market. For you pay sluts, there’s nothing like finding a woman that is smarter than you are! (And obviously, you support both Me and My continued social and intellectual pursuits by purchasing feminist literature for Me.)


And then there’s a little Portuguese pay slut that now lives in the UK that’s been coming around. I can’t really remember his name because he’s so fucking boring. But he’s hopelessly addicted to giving Me money and getting drunk on command. And he’s good at filling up the Amazon slush fund and sending gifts. He’s responsible for the following:


And he sent Me two more pieces for My seatbelt bag collection – the dopp kit, which I’m using to store some of My super expensive makeup collection, and an adorable purple bag for My laptop.



So yeah … keep sending cash and gifts. I definitely want more.

If you’re ready to step up to the slaughterhouse door, you can call Me on Niteflirt. It’s what I do better than anyone has ever done it. xx

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