Nov 26

Pro-Domme Reviews $ Niteflirt Feedback

3d old bear trap on white

Everybody Loves Porsha! And everybody likes it when I post My Domme reviews from My piglets! This month has been AWESOME and all of My little maggots have left Me some awesome reviews and feedback on Niteflirt, so I wanted to post the latest …

screen grabs from My feedback page on Niteflirt. I love you maggots!

PS – Some of you guys have asked about writing more fetish clip reviews for Me to post at like the ones I posted by little kimmy on the Poppers Forced Intox Fetish Clips. And yes, I will still accept written reviews of My fetish clips to post here! You can send them to Me via Niteflirt mail. Love! – Porsha Rajal





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    • sisssy6749 on August 10, 2016 at 6:03 am
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    It is true Porsha, You are inescapable, irresistible, all-powerful. Your Voice has embedded itself in my mind and whispers delightful and diabolical things. I shiver, moan and obey!

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