Jan 23

Findom Twitter Fun $ Mean Girl Meets The Proles

Sexual Problem, Man Erection Dysfunction

I know I promised My pets that I’d catalog the best of My Twitter Feed a while back when I posted here. But I got so busy taking your money with My Evil Mistress hijinks that I forgot to do anything other than shop. Not to worry, I still fully intend to catalog the best of My Twitter Findom and Forced Intox Fuckery on the best fetish blog around. I love My little home here at thebaconfactory.com. I like to think of it as a My online book about Me. So naturally, I love it.

What I do NOT love, however, is Wal-Mart. I fucking hate Wal-Mart. Now I know that most of these busted-barbie, online findom skanks think of Wal-Mart as a mecca where they can stockpile vile, cheap drugstore makeup and buy the latest lead-laden toys for their 4 already-below-average kids at prices that allow them to keep up with the double-wide payments. But I fucking hate Wal-Mart. It’s a giant box that consumes the losers of the world. So obviously I stay far, far away. But on New Year’s Eve, I was forced to go into the belly of the best …

It all started when one of My best gay’s wound up in the emergency room …

Financial-Domination-Money-Mistress-Cruel-Bitch-JOI-CEI-Porsha Rajal-13
And he needed some pajamas … and guess the only place open.

Financial-Domination-Money-Mistress-Cruel-Bitch-JOI-CEI-Porsha Rajal-12

Financial-Domination-Money-Mistress-Cruel-Bitch-JOI-CEI-Porsha Rajal-11

Financial-Domination-Money-Mistress-Cruel-Bitch-JOI-CEI-Porsha Rajal-10

Financial-Domination-Money-Mistress-Cruel-Bitch-JOI-CEI-Porsha Rajal-09

Financial-Domination-Money-Mistress-Cruel-Bitch-JOI-CEI-Porsha Rajal-07

Financial-Domination-Money-Mistress-Cruel-Bitch-JOI-CEI-Porsha Rajal-08

Financial-Domination-Money-Mistress-Cruel-Bitch-JOI-CEI-Porsha Rajal-06

And THEN! I went through all of that shit for nothing!

Financial-Domination-Money-Mistress-Cruel-Bitch-JOI-CEI-Porsha Rajal-05

Financial-Domination-Money-Mistress-Cruel-Bitch-JOI-CEI-Porsha Rajal-04

But luckily the Thai places was open, so got some relief!

Financial-Domination-Money-Mistress-Cruel-Bitch-JOI-CEI-Porsha Rajal-02

Financial-Domination-Money-Mistress-Cruel-Bitch-JOI-CEI-Porsha Rajal-03

And when I got home, I got some pay, love, pay action from one of My favorite boy toys! And that was a pretty awesomely great start to the 2016! J’adore fuckface!

Financial-Domination-Money-Mistress-Cruel-Bitch-JOI-CEI-Porsha Rajal-01

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And as always, if you want to be part of the action, you can find Me on Niteflirt. It’s where I do all My damage. xx – Porsha Rajal

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    best dominatrix on twitter
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