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Financial Domination Audio

Porsha is incomparably skilled in the art of Financial Domination and separating a man from his money.  Whether this Diabolical Diva is sitting on your chest and demanding cash or softly purring while you slowly circle Her Financial Domination drain, your experience will be completely unique and unforgettable.  Many dim, bratty girls seek to mine wallets for pleasure.  You’ve found a real Financial Domination Princess that will absolutely make you her very own wallet zombie that wakes and lives with the singular purpose of feeding Her desire for money, power, and control.

FinDom Goddess Porsha brings her A game when it comes to separating money slaves from their wallets.  And more often than not, sweet seduction is the first stop on the road to fucking you into foreclosure.  Where lesser bratty princesses forget the fine art of seduction, Porsha fills the void and brings your addiction for This Money Mistress to blossom.  You’ll be hopelessly entranced by This Financial Domme.  But watch out, This Cash Kitten has claws.

Porsha’s Financial Domination Audio Files are listed below. If you’re looking for more information about Porsha Rajal and Her Financial Domination empire on Niteflirt, you are encouraged to review About Porsha Rajal and FAQ or fill out your Slavery Application on Niteflirt.

One lucky, little pig sent me a brand new magic wand this week … and I took the hint.  In an unusually good mood, I’ve answered the prayers of leaky dicklets everywhere.  For just under 20 minutes, I’ll charm you from My bottom bunk in the ultimate tease and denial.  Listen to Me torment you with My siren song as you kneel by My bed only to be poked with perfectly manicured toes and have your face pinched by baby, soft feet. Ultimately you’ll be allowed to live the dream of every piglet and listen to your Goddess Bitch sweetly tell you how much your sacrifices and cold, hard cash turns her crank.  Forced to kneel helplessly, you’ll sit inches away while your Princess pleasure herself to the idea of your servitude. Click here to buy “Cumming for Your Cash.”

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This is undoubtedly one of the hottest fetish audio mp3s to be produced in the name of Financial Domination. Your Fiendish Financial Domination and Forced Intox Mistress pulls out all the stops here with a truly seductive and sadistic love letter that professes her desire to consume you completely.  Being totally owned and financially fucked by a cruel money mistress has NEVER sounded this hot.  After hearing this, you will love Porsha forever and you’ll go to sleep at night praying that she’ll love you to death. There will be no question about whether or not you have found a Money Mistress.  You have found THE Money Mistress.

I got all turned on after a guy who has been playing on NiteFlirt for 9 years deleted his account in an attempt to kick his Porsha habit and made this audio.  For just over 8 minutes, your favorite Sadist coos and moans in her hottest bedroom voice in a hypnotic profession of love for all you little ones that have been begging to see the softer side of Porsha.  I turned myself on towards the end, so I’m sure you’ll love it.  It’s definitely good for a few hard men.  I threw in a brand new (CG) shot of Porsha Porn for good measure.  (It’s demonstrative of what I’ve been doing all week.)  As always, 100% original and absolutely incomparable.  Enjoy, Lover. Click here to buy “I’ll Love You To Death.”

Here’s your chance to live the dream and experience This Hot, Ferocious Bitch draining your cock and your wallet. Guided masturbation, financial domination, and humiliation – this audio has it all. Porsha gets your cock rock hard, shows you who’s boss, and ties your pleasure to your ability to pay. Listen, if you dare. You’ll never be the same after you take this trip: your cock and wallet will both have a new owner. One of the many evil tricks in Porsha’s arsenal, this recording will ensnare you in Her treacherous web of mind control and cash for cum. This recording is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression and make a Porshaholic out of you. Be prepared to think about Porsha each and every time you think about your cock. And pray that you have the cash to please your Princess. Click here to buy “Stroke ‘Till You’re Broke.”


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